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About Horny Viking Pills

So, what are we selling you and what does it do? The last part is easy – it is all in the name of the product. Bu we can elaborate if you’re interested. Derived from a South-East Asian shrub; The Eurycoma Longifolia, the roots and bark have been used an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years. We are aTongat Ali UK-based supplier, here and happy to help.


If you scan the ingredients of Horny Viking Pills, you will notice that the star of the show, the lead Viking, is called Tongkat Ali. This is how it is known in some areas such as Malaysia, but elsewhere across Asia, it is more widely called Eurycoma Longifolia after its originating shrub. Tongat Ali is actually something of a master of disguise, also going under the moniker of ‘Long Jack’.


Legitimised studies have proven Tongkat Ali to improve sex drive and boost testosterone levels. But as well as boosting your libido, this magical shrub goes one step further – as well as increasing your desire to use your ‘tools’, it also makes those same tools work a lot better.


Long Jack itself is mainly used to improve sexual function, combat age-related sexual disorders and support male hormone levels. Increase testosterone in an entirely natural way and potentially improve sexual performance along the way. Additionally, it is also thought to improve mood and energy levels and increase muscle mass with the natural boosting testosterone levels over prolonged use.

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