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About The Horny Vikings

We’re a couple of middle-aged men. Like most middle-aged men, we like to think we can still do everything we used to do when we were growing up together. Sadly, that is not always the case. We blame most of this on gravity.


Taking matters into our own hands, it was time to fight gravity. These 2 middle-aged men wanted to even out the playing field and tool ourselves up in our quest to be a bit more like we used to be.


We know being a man is serious business – we have been doing it for too long ourselves. But trying to be better physically and mentally all the time can get a bit tiring. It can be a touch dry.


So, whilst we are here to help, we’re doing it with a sense of humour. No pictures of men in white coats and graphs telling you about how much blood we are going to get pumped around each square inch of your crotch.


Does tongat ali work? Well, we are giving you the science behind tongat ali, if you care to read it, but dressing it up with some cool branding and pictures of Vikings, as they are super manly in our option. But why the ‘Viking thing’ exactly?


Yes, they are rugged and probably spent most of their day as hard as the timber they crafted their large boats from, but we are also referencing the origin of our supplement blend. Yes, it is born in the Nordics.


What we are trying to do as new players in the market is make you remember who we are. We want to be recognised for providing a beautifully presented, highly effective product that will help anyone who takes it be a little bit more like they used to be (and to be a little bit more like a Viking as well).

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